Solar Heating & Renewables

Thermal hot water solar panels are still one of the most cost effective ways of producing hot water. It works by capturing the ultraviolet and infra red that is available in daylight into an array of evacuated tubes on your roof. You can transfer this heat from a low grade heat source into your hot water cylinder using a new twin coil cylinder. It is a proven low cost technology that works, and no longer relies on heat from the sun.

solar hot water

By installing a clean burn wood burning stove you can go virtually carbon neutral

According to science, you can go virtually carbon neutral by installing a clean burn wood burning stove...

  • Wood burning stoves offer a low carbon alternative to heating your home using fossil fuels.
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, which is returned to the atmosphere when their wood is burned.
  • If you source your wood locally and its moisture content is below 20% your wood stove is virtually carbon neutral.

*using a 2022 compliant clean burn stove and seasoned wood with a moisture content below 20%